Cash goes to the past. Credit cards are the future

Having a bank card in hand, each owner must know how to check if there is money on the card in order not to be in an awkward situation. After all, cash in your wallet can be counted at any minute, but with electronic money the situation is different.

Why people choose electronic payments 

Of course, the card has several advantages over using cash:

  • no need to carry cash;
  • can be used to pay for purchases in online stores, to buy tickets for a train or plane, to book and pay for a hotel room abroad;
  • there is the possibility of profit;
  • in case of loss of a card, your funds remain in reliability; it is enough just to block it in the bank and get a new one;
  • modern technologies used in banking systems allow you to check a credit card at any time.

Among the drawbacks of using the card, and there are also such ones, it can be considered that not all services or goods can be paid by card today. Public transport and the market uses cash. Also, to withdraw cash, you need to go to the ATM, and at the same time always remember the PIN, which is used to unlock the card. Do not forget that you can not share it with any one, even with the bank workers. They will never ask you what your PIN code is. Read more about the Personal Identification Number here 

What are the ways to check the balance on the card?

How to find out how much money is on a bank card? This question interests all holders of plastic cards, and it does not matter which bank they were issued at, and which payment systems are supported by. The need to check the balance on a bank card can arise anywhere and at any time of the day, and therefore the banks have provided several ways to allow the client to conveniently monitor their account balance.

Ways to check the card account:

  • use Internet banking (the service is available in almost every bank);
  • check the amount at an ATM;
  • visit the bank;
  • using sms;
  • make a call to the support service.

Every person who has a plastic card decides how to check the money on the card. If you are unable to verify a credit card online, and you need to know the balance, then you can contact any branch of the bank that issued you the card. The operator, after verifying your identity and making sure that you are the cardholder, will provide the information you are interested in.

True, to go to the bank you will need a passport, as well as free time. It should be borne in mind that banks operate on a fixed schedule, which means that you cannot use such a service late in the evening or at night. But there are other ways to get money from the card.