Modern replacement of cash in the wallet: bank card

Not so long ago, wages were paid in cash at special cash desks, where workers were forced to spend their time idle in a line for several hours. After receiving a certain amount of cash, each person distributed it according to the items of expenditure, and the remaining funds were kept at home. At any time, you could recalculate the balance of money to plan your budget, determine how much you can spend on this or that thing, and find out how much is left until the next salary.

Today, when the banking system switched to electronic accounting and circulation of money, bank cards and electronic accounts were widely used. This greatly simplified the lives of all people. Now you can pay for the purchase of goods or services by terminal or via the Internet, spending just a minute of time. And now everything in the wallet is always order – a minimum of bills that can fall anywhere. It is enough to use a plastic card to fulfill financial obligations to the seller or service provider.

As you know, money tends to run out, and this happens most often at the most inopportune moment. In order not to be in an unpleasant situation when there are not enough funds to pay for a purchase or dinner in a restaurant, it is worth controlling the balance of the account, and check the money on the card before shopping.

How can I use a bank card?

Recently, the owners of bank cards were extremely wealthy people. Today, the cards are used by all categories of the population, including pensioners and children, students and businessmen. Each of them should know how to check the money on the card in order to control their capabilities and budget. We will tell about it later. Now we will discuss where are the cards of banks used? Using the card you can:

  • keep savings;
  • manage expenses;
  • receive wages;
  • receive social benefits;
  • pay for services and purchases both at sales points equipped with terminals and via the Internet.

At the same time, before making every financial transaction related to the use of a card, it is recommended to check the money on the card.

How does the bank card work?

The security system provides for the possibility of installing functions confirming the operation on the card in order to exclude the facts of fraud and unauthorized use of foreign cards. Thus, in most cases, when performing any operations with a card – cash withdrawal, payment by terminal or via the Internet, the system requires the introduction of a PIN code that is known only to the cardholder and is confidential information. By the way, if you want to check the balance on a bank card, then some methods also suggest confirming the operation with a PIN code.

Before finding out the balance on a credit card, let’s see how it works. The procedure for using a payment card is as follows:

  • the client runs a card on the information reader in the terminal device;
  • information is processed by the acquirer;
  • a request for a monetary transaction is sent to the issuing bank;
  • in the presence of the necessary amount on the client’s card, they are debited and the money is transferred to the seller.